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Conversations with Chris

Aug 10, 2021

An unhealthy you, leads to an unhealthy relationship.

Too often, we place all of the emphasis and attention on the other person, or entity, in a relationship. Could you really be the one that needs to change? Are you the one who need to make some adjustments more than them? Have you become so fatigued or stressed during the pandemic that you’ve allowed yourself to lean on the other person a little too much? Or are too many people leaning on you? If so, this episode is for you!

God created you to have relationships. The first relationship established was with man and his Creator. After that, He said that it is not good for man to be alone! God said that you and I need relationships – BUT in order to be healthy, you need a healthy relationship with Him and you need one with your SELF. Your ability to have healthy relationships is directly tied to your ability to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with your SELF.

Your healthy relationship with God allows you to interact and relate to all of His other created beings in a productive and beneficial way. Knowing who you are to Him, how He feels about you, and His plans for you give you the healthy foundation needed to engage and interact with others. Every relationship is fed from another source – if He is not your source, it will be hard for you to relate to everyone else. After all, it’s all His creation. This may not sound theoretically correct but jump in and take a listen.