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Conversations with Chris

Dec 14, 2021


Luke 15:8-10

Believe it or not… Christians, Believers are not losers!

Just ask the woman in the bible who had 10 coins and lost one of them. Although something slipped through her hands (was lost), she never took on the role or mentality of a loser. Just like her, it is not in our DNA nor pedigree to be or become a loser!

Even though we are living in a season, a time in history unlike any other, what’s going on in our world, our economy, our healthcare system, nor our government can or should define us. All of us, that’s you and me, have experienced loses in every various of life. For some, it may be a lost job. For others, they have lost loved ones, money, or lifelong dreams. It doesn’t matter what you experienced a lost in, it does not qualify you to be identified as a loser.

The good news is that Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. You CAN do ALL things through Christ which gives you strength. You are born of God, and you are an Overcomer!



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Christian T. Howell Sr.

Christian T. Howell Sr. – Founder of Overcomers Movement, is an apostolic father and passionate leader. He is a Board-Certified Advanced Life Coach, a Biblical Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and a Cognitive Behavioral Coach. He holds a degree in psychology and has numerous trainings and certifications in his tool kit. He is a retired U.S. Army veteran and has travelled the globe in service of his country and in teaching the gospel. He is known for his passion, humor, and ability to establish disciples while blazing new trails. A loving husband and father, he enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his family in the Sunshine State, Florida, where he and his wife Melody currently reside.